Can you bear my glow or does my light make you blind?

by Tish Valles

Credit: Ian Monsod

Credit: Ian Monsod


Here's an interesting line of examination.

If you call me friend, can you bear my glow? Can you stand it when I am luminous? Does your light dance with mine in holy shine and shimmer? Or do you feel blinded, throw shade and wither the vine of all that is divine? 

Like a precious diamond that’s more radiant in the perfect setting, you’re at your best around appropriate peers. Today, with the Moon in Virgo making a supportive angle to the Sun in your 11th house of social networks, you have a chance to see the people around you in a new light. Do you glow in the presence of one group of friends and wither on the vine with another? Shift your priorities so that your inner circle reflects and appreciates your most luminous qualities.
— The AstroTwins, Tali & Ophira Edut

This came into my inbox today. I recently signed up to a daily horoscope from The Astro Twins Tali and Ophira Edut and I am struck by today's horoscope for Virgo, my sun sign.

Over the weekend, I was watching the World Cup with my girls, my Brooklyn inner circle when I opened a phrase with "and I fully acknowledge that I can be naive and too generous with people sometimes..." when my girl Syreeta gave me the realest real talk. She said, "Listen, I warned you about (insert name here) from the very start."

And she was right.  

And so in the bright warmth of this 2014 summer, guided by the light and apparently the stars I promise to be most true to my own light. If you want to be my friend, you better be ready for all of the lights 'cos baby, it's all bright-blazing-bold from here.