Photo credit: John Van Hasselt

Photo credit: John Van Hasselt

There is an old way of thinking that sees a jar of beans and makes aggressive moves to take all the beans, as if the only beans possible are the same ones in the jar.

I don't know about you, but I reject this thinking. Sometimes ascribed to competitive edge, this thinking is small-minded. It assumes the only beans to be had are the ones that already exist in jars.

This thinking is rooted in the belief that the only way for anyone to win more beans is for someone else to lose their beans. It thinks nothing of making more beans or finding new ways to make new beans.

I say beans for everyone, beans all around!

Foto Credt: Paul North Waters

Hello. I'm Tish Vallés–global strategic marketing, brand and communications leader & storyteller, facilitator and social entrepreneur who unlocks the better stories of organizations and brands, successfully building our collective better story. 

As President of TISH VALLÉS CONSULTING, I have advised and partnered with: international brand consultancies; innovation companies; market research boutiques, and agencies specializing in integrated communications, digital communications, cultural movements, corporate brand and public relations; non-profits and SMEs.  

An advocate of brand as citizen and co-creator of culture, I am a Clio award-winning copywriter and a scholar award winning strategist for planning effectiveness with over 15 years of successfully delivering business growth and development. My high-fidelity strategies have transformed some of the most iconic brands as well as start-ups, small businesses and non-profits. I have been a Head of Strategy, an Ogilvy Asia Pacific Regional Planning Director and Global Planning Director, and a Saatchi North America Planning Director. 

With a focus on Research and Innovation Brand Strategy and Story, my expertise areas include: Brand Positioning and Story Development,  New Product and Innovation Pipeline Development, Integrated Campaigns, Multi-Market Strategy, Strategic Branding, Qualitative Research, Market, Cultural and Consumer Research, and Workshop Design & Facilitation. I have worked with Fortune 100 brands and companies across varied categories including food, beverage, beauty, baby care, health & wellness, energy, luxury, real estate, hospitality, spirits, financial services, health services and pharmaceuticals. 

I am also a poet, writer and facilitator. My poetry has appeared in international publications like Quill and Parchment and Paris Lit Up and I have read at the louderARTS Project in New York, the LEAF Lake Eden Arts Festival in Black Mountain, the Taos Poetry Festival in New Mexico, and at the Boulevard San Michel in Paris.  I have written poetry my whole life and am in the process of working on a novel series.

A lifelong social entrepreneur, I am co-Founder of the Womens Worldwide Web  and am the license holder and organizer of TEDxNewYorkSalon.

I have worked in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the UK, and the UAE. I speak English, Filipino and Spanish; and am taxi conversant in French, Mandarin, Thai, Japanese, and Bahasa Indonesia. 

My bragging rights include

  • Clio Award-Winning Copywriter 

  • Scholar Award Winning Strategist for Planning Effectiveness, Ogilvy Asia Pacific 

  • I unlocked the strategic insight for the iconic Pond's, inspiring the shift in the brand's global direction

  • I am co-Founder of the Women's Worldwide Web, an online platform dedicated to the educational and economic empowerment of the world's girls and women

  • I designed a breakthrough ethnographic approach that went on to win an Atticus award for original thinking in communications 

We’ll never solve the feminization of power until we solve the masculinity of wealth
— Gloria Steinem