Loves Hats. Got a Bigger Head.

by Tish Valles

I have found the solution to the proverbial "juggling of too many hats." I decided I needed a bigger head. And this is exactly what happened - I got me a bigger head. And now all these hats fit wonderfully on my head as I flow in and out of poetry, conversation, discovery, exploration, brunch, provocation, observation, culinary experimentation, crock pot concoction, coffee consumption, bubbly beverage indulgence, inspiration, locomotion, moon bathing, stargazing, social connection, books and diversion, people watching, future-scaping, rebel rousing, pot-stirring, match making, sun saluting, hug giving, shade throwing, World Cup Viewing, feministing, humanitarianisting, collaborating, facilitating, fund raising, wish-making, day dreaming, blog posting, retweeting, park walking, sun workshopping, ideating, creating, living and living and living. 

 A happy bean-making bean sharing egghead

 A happy bean-making bean sharing egghead

This big head is a very very good thing. Perhaps this makes me an egghead? A happy egghead. A happy dictator-overthrowing egghead. A happy open-mic reading egghead. A happy salon programming egghead. A happy persuasive egghead whose strategic approach has had a Philippine president gagging to wear a T-shirt declaring "they call me Shorty" (she is barely five feet tall...) A happy future-focused egghead whose big idea in the Philippines traveled the developing world and found its way to the US ten years later.

A happy collaborationista egghead who sees a jar of beans and doesn't need to take all of them for herself, instead saying "beans for all." A happy bean-making bean-sharing egghead. A happy American born Spanish-Filipino egghead. A happy global egghead who has lived and worked in four continents. A happy multi-ethnic, multicultural multilingual egghead. A happy Brooklyn based egghead ready for all of it.

Come, fellow eggheads. Come and call me. Let's talk talk talk. Let's go make some beans.