Nicely done, Uber! This is SO High Fidelity!

by Tish Valles

It seems my inbox is the gift that keeps giving these days!

Whereas yesterday's low fidelity moment  was met by Klout with equally low fi silence, today's story is a totally opposite High Fidelity success story brought to you by Uber.

Uber is too cool for school!

Uber is too cool for school!


Über got this one so right. It totally understands every New Yorkers shopping-then-schlep struggle, and solves this problem with a wink and a smile. And as if this wasn't cool enough, when I hit them up on twitter, they totally went there with me. 

To this I say, well done. Very well done, Über. That is oh so very High Fidelity!

PS - you now have me SERIOUSLY considering a tree. I am ALMOST there.