That's so Low Fidelity...

by Tish Valles

So, this found  its way to my inbox this morning.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 10.34.17 AM.png

And at first, it made me sad. But now it just makes me mad. What a MASSIVE CRM fail for a brand that claims to be all about clout and influence. 

All I can think is, "that's so LOW FIDELITY."  And who has time for LoFi? Aren't we all tired of the noise and static of high-pitched, attention-seeking tactics that give marketing a bad name? 

It's easy to stay silent in the midst of the endless assault of all these small-minded, poorly executed tactics. But those days are over. I am a brand fanatic, and I believe that, when done right, marketing can be engaging, entertaining and at its best, has the power to shift conversations in a good way.

Silent no more, I'm gonna start calling out all things LoFi and stand with High Fidelity. And I'm starting right here - right now. 

Dear Klout: That's so Low Fidelity.

Signed, [FirstName]