When two iconic brands beloved by America come together; no matter that they are tough on stains one is or how tough on the field the other is–their common ground  is all heart.

As part of a corporate partnership in 2011, Tide became a proud partner of the NFL and Tish was the lead strategist working on the brand idea and strategic direction for this partnership. In honing in on the heart of their common story, we came to the significance of the team's colors and the meaning of the jerseys that fans wear with pride and care for with great attention, the jerseys that players wear with swagger and convictions. The colors, the jersey speak volumes, they convey pride, affinity, loyalty, tribe, history and tradition.

The campaign idea: the tide and nfl partnership represensts the honor of protecting and upholding your true team colors

The campaign spoke right to the heart of ever football fan. 

At the heart of this idea is a deep understanding that colors are so much more than colors - they're the history of a place, of a people, of a family. They're traditions and superstitions passed on through generations.

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The idea is big enough to include everyone who loves football and lends itself to social media where fans and players can all participate and tell the stories of their colors.