Salons: Conversation as Change Agent

A proponent of transformational conversations and gatherings in the tradition of the 17th century French salons, Tish Vallés actively seeks out and cultivate soft spaces where powerful hard conversations can take place. 

Idea Salon.jpg

Provocative, practical and problem-solving, the Idea Salon is a collaborative incubator that champions emerging ideas and projects, the Idea Salon cultivates concepts, making them stronger and giving them viable form and direction.

How it WorksThe Idea Salon surrounds an idea with the perspectives inspired by the ancient Kings’  closest advisors:

  • The General, whose focus on the game plan enables a strategy
  • The Astronomer, whose calculations allow a vision into the future
  • The Poet, who challenges hierarchies and structures for genuine breakthrough

Expert counsel from these divergent perspectives cultivate and strengthen ideas, making them more viable and increasing their potential for success.

Curious about the Idea Salon? We would love to hear from you. 


Tish Vallés has been a member of the TEDxNewYorkSalon community since 2009, when it was founded. The longest-running and most active TEDx program in New York in which artists, entrepreneurs and creative professionals come together every week for salons. Each salon combines TEDTalks video and world-class facilitators to help spark deep discussion and connection.

Tish became a TEDxNewYork Salon organizer in February 2013. In this period, our community has seen a humbling and exciting growth (500%), we have improved the brand experience and the community is more vital and engaged than it has ever been.