A lifelong learner, I am driven by curiosity and energized by conversations of substance. In order to shape the future, once must live in the world, ask lots of questions and constantly seek new and ideas and solutions. Some have described this as ‘divine discontent.’ I prefer to think of it as bean-making.
— Tish Vallés


Tish advocates the power of face-to-face connection, conversation and experience.  Through her work on the ground, she creates the space for these interactions and the powerful results that unfold. Her network of collaborators encompass diverse cultural and career experiences span New York, China, Brazil, Japan, Europe, Toronto, Mexico, India and Southeast Asia. As a result, she is able to collaborate with a global network of creative professionals and tastemakers to deliver range, depth and excellence.

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A collaborative consulting model, Idea Salon surrounds an idea with diverse perspectives  to strengthen their transformation into action in two ways

  • An Idea Generation Salon is a focused shot of imaginative creativity
  • An Idea Incubation Salon Series progresses over a four to six week period to incubate and think through four distinct ideas

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Event-based consulting services covering...

  • Live events, from intimate to large scale 
  • Workshops to support a range of needs including team building, vision/mission setting, strategic planning, ideation & brainstorming to action-planning
  • Intentional activities like nature walks, readings & cultural events and fund raisers.
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Experts in the field, we design bespoke exploratory projects including

  • Cultural, Trends and Consumer Research
  • One-on-one interviews with experts, influencers, tastemakers and thought leaders
  • Observation, ethnography and in-home exploration.