Sex and creativity are often seen by dictators as subversive activities.
— Erica Jong
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Born to a progressive family in the years of the corruption, injustice and suppression of a Martial-law dictatorship, I know the power of the spoken and written word, the raised fist, the silent march.

Part of my life's work is to release the strength of softness and artistic grace in the face of much hardness.

- Tish Vallés


Tish Vallés is an English teacher's daughter.

She has written poetry all her life, but has only truly found her poetic voice through the New York poetry community that has embraced her.

Tish is currently working on her first novel, which she will complete in the summer.

She is also putting together a poetry manuscript. Enjoy a sampling of her poems here.

SALONS:  Conversation as Change Agent

A proponent of transformational conversations and gatherings in the tradition of the 17th century French salons, Tish Vallés actively seeks and cultivates soft spaces where hard, powerful conversations can take place. 

She holds the TEDxNewYorkSalon and is lead organizer for the longest running, most active TEDx program in the country.



An award-winning copy writer and red-blooded collaborationista to the core, Tish Vallés has worked with humanitarian organizations, engages in artistic collaborations and sparks conversations that shift business culture through collaborative edge.


Have anything poetic, subversive or artistically collaborative that you want to run by Tish? 

Tell her about it here